Monday, 26 July 2010

Review: Trash

I was surprised and overjoyed to receive "Trash" by Andy Mulligan in the post. With such a unique title, I was intrigued before I'd even read the blurb. Here is the blurb:

I've been picking up trash since I could crawl, and people always say 'maybe one day you'll find something special'. Then one day I did.

Raphael Fernandez is fourteen years old and part of the slum that barely makes a living on the mountains of the dumpsite. No education and no prospects: a lifetime of sifting through rubbish.

Then, out of the blue, he finds a key.

Keys open doors, and soon Raphael and his friends are just one step ahead of a desperate and dangerous police force. The three boys hold the key to a deadly secret. It leads to corruption, unimaginable wealth, and one man's mission to put right a terrible wrong.

Children can't be children when their lives are at stake... they have to be heroes.

I said previously I was intrigued before I'd even read the blurb. After reading the blurb, I was hooked. Here is my review:

There are quite a few essential characters in this book but I will mention only three. The first is Raphael, a boy who has spent his life sifting through rubbish to find things to sell. Raphael is a caring character who is, in my opinion, rather intelligent. He sticks by what he says but at times seems fearful of following through. Raphael is a rather lovable character.

The second character I will introduce you to is Gardo, Raphael's best friend. Gardo is the more serious of the two friends. He is brave and prepared to stick with Raphael through thick and thin. The third character I wish to introduce you to is Jun-Jun AKA Rat. He is so named because he lives in an area surrounded by rats and people think he looks like one. Rat has no family unlike many of the other people on the dumpsite. He is easily my favourite character. Rat is smart, brave and has dreams of living a better life. He sticks with Raphael and Gardo is trusting.

The story is set in Behala, and in particular, the dumpsite where Raphael lives. It is clear that the country is an LEDC given the description of the slums. The story follows Raphael as he makes a discovery which will turn his world upside-down. To tell you what was found would be to ruin the story. However, I will tell you that the repercussions of this discovery are potentially fatal to all those involved. As the story continues, the situation becomes more tense and the results more dire.

This book had me hooked. If I had to describe it in three words I would probably describe it as a 'feel-good book'. The change in narratives meant it never grew dull and everything written was relevant to the plot. You have to read this book if only for the ending. I finished reading this book with a smile on my face.

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