Saturday, 28 November 2009


I know it isn't Teaser Tuesday. But I'm going to give you a paragraph from a book called "Monkey Taming" by Judith Fathallah. My review for this book will be up tomorrow. I thought this paragraph was so beautifully crafted and carried so much meaning that I knew it had to be shared.

"Ten per cent of anorexics die. There is no getting around that, no returning from it, no use in its denial. Mental illness can be fatal, and the degeneration of a once bright, happy person is no easier to watch than death by cancer. So don't invite it. Because there is a time (for me, about October) when you know it isn't normal any more, but you encourage it for kicks and in hope of thinness. It's the hate-love of the matador for the bull. But it isn't a bull, it's a monkey, and monkeys swing and jump and run and trick you from behind. Then one day they have you by the throat with long, strong, clawing fingers, and you cannot get free any more."


  1. I've read this book and I found it very moving. Looking forward to your review, and thanks for the teaser.

  2. I like that teaser. Sounds like an emotional book.

  3. Great review i would say, i was actually waiting for its review and now i will go ahead and read it. Thanks for this blog to sharing this with us.