Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mini Challenge

Princess Bookie has some contests still running so check her blog out (the link is at the bottom).

Name 8 of your favourite things:
Do people count as things? I'm going to say no.
1. Chocolate (Seriously, it's an essential part of my day)
2. Books (you know you love them =))
3. Laptop (so I can talk to all my friends... and blog of course)
4. Mobile Phone (to talk to people) -haha I read that and all I've done is describe the use of a mobile-
5. Ooh this is getting difficult. A kettle! How else could I make a cup of tea?
6. Candles (I may be a bit of a pyromaniac. What can I say in my defence? I love fire. There's something beautiful about it. As well as its raging destructive side)
7. The toilet. I'm not joking. Imagine having to go in a hole outside. And I need to go which is why the idea came to me =D
8. Last but not least, a camera. So I can record all the great moments I've had with people.

Here is a link to the mini challenge:

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