Friday, 16 October 2009

Feature Friday

Okay, it's time for some shameless advertising. I'm warning you now so that if you want to skip this post, feel free. Oh, I'm not being paid to advertise, it's just something I wanted to share for anyone who is interested. I have two features for today.

1. Swagbucks
I've had Swagbucks for about a month now. I've stolen this from the Swagbucks FAQ.

What is ( is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn Swag Bucks, digital dollars that can be redeemed for exclusive prizes.

How does it work? works just like any other search engine, but with you are rewarded for searching the web. Every time you search with , you have a chance to earn from 1 to 5 Swag Bucks (on Fridays, you can win as many as 100 Swag Bucks in one search!). These Swag Bucks can be used to redeem thousands of prizes from our Swag Store. There are many other ways to win Swag Bucks as well - just visit our Winning Tips page to learn how.

Who is eligible to use it?
Any resident of the US, the UK, or Canada (except for residents of Quebec) above the age of 13 is eligible to redeem prizes from .

And here is a link if you want to take a look:
Search & Win

I've not had any problems with Swagbucks, but I admit it can be slow to actually earn Swagbucks. On to feature number two...

2. Lockerz
This is also stolen from the FAQ part of Lockerz.

What is Lockerz?
Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and community. Watch exclusive video, discover new music, play games, connect with friends, and get rewarded for it. The more often you visit, the more opportunities you have to earn PTZ (or “Pointz”), Lockerz’ own form of currency. Lockerz was founded in March, 2009.

What types of products can be purchased at Lockerz?
Members will be able to purchase a wide range of products from apparel, accessories, electronics, games, sports equipment and other products from hundreds of well known brands. Members will also be able to purchase digital assets such as music, videos, art, and decals.

Will Lockerz ship internationally?
Once Lockerz begins selling products this fall, we will ship to many countries outside the US (check back at launch time for a complete list).

I haven't decided which is my favourite out of Swagbucks and Lockerz. In order to use Lockerz you need to be invited. So if anyone does want to be invited, just ask me, or send me an email.

And if anyone has any questions feel free to post or email.

And that's it for today's shameless advertising.


  1. When you are sharing something you love, I don't consider it advertising. Promo, okay, yes, I'll go there, but if it's something that you enjoy and you think others will too, that's spreading the word. ;)

  2. Yep, I agree with J. Kaye on it! Those sites both look very cool xD What do you do on Lockerz?

  3. J. Kaye - Thanks. I just didn't want to sound like an advert =)

    Beanie - Thank you. And to answer your question:

    Lockerz is just a site where you earn ptz (pointz). You can do dailies (there is a question everyday and you get pointz for answering). You also get 2 ptz everyday you log in. You can invite people too. I just try to earn points so I can get Amazon vouchers (it helps if I want to ship books to far away places as the money isn't technically coming out of my own pocket).