Thursday, 8 October 2009

Discussion Thursday

Or I haven't finished a book yet so I'm thinking on the spot.

But I did a discussion post once a while ago and it was pretty fun so I thought I'd try another one to see how successful it is. I'm also hoping that I haven't stolen someones meme by accident.

So today's discussion point is: Book Covers and Book Titles

How much does a book cover affect the likelihood of you picking up a book?
I judge a book a lot by its cover. Yeah I know it's bad. But if a cover has something original and interesting I'll pick it up and wonder what it's about. If it's unoriginal, like a flower, I won't pick up the book. The only exceptions to this are if another blogger has blogged about/recommended a book. But I generally get my initial impression about a book from its cover. It's the first thing I see.

Question number two, rather unoriginally named:
How much does a book title affect the likelihood of you picking up a book?
Book titles don't have a large significance to me. If a book has a really cool name, I think cool. But I wouldn't turn down a book because of a name, unless it was something really awful like "hfkahfifhafkajhf". And even then I'd be kind of intrigued. Sometimes an interesting title will stand out to me and I'll pick up a book to see what it's about, but it's no guarantee that I'll even finish reading the blurb.

So what do YOU think?
I'm also going to apologise in advance. I'm too tired to spell check. I've just worked out that blogger has a spell check. Wow. Apparently, unoriginally isn't a word. Is spellchecking lying?


  1. The title and cover of a book is what makes me pick it up and read the blurb so I'd say that they're both very important in the likelihood of me picking up a book.

  2. I'd definitely be intrigued by a book called "hfkahfifhafkajhf", that's for sure! I have to confess that I'm not usually swayed much at all by covers and/or titles. I just love combing through the YA sections in bookshops and looking at anything I haven't already read. I know I'm not a typical reader, though. ;) And I love admiring great covers, especially when they feel nice too.

    (Oh, and 'unoriginally' is definitely a word!)

  3. I check author first. Then I look for cool covers and lastly, a neat title.

  4. Covers do play a big part for me, however, when covers are on shelves with just the spines on show, it's the titles. I'm a fantasy fan mainly, and there are certain words that just scream fantasy; witch, wizard, spell, dragon, magic, etc, I could just go on. So if a book has a fantasy word in it's title, it will spark my interest, and I'll pick it up. Then the cover and blurb :)

  5. I do tend to *judge* a book by its cover. LOL.

  6. A really appealing cover will grab my attention, but if I won't get it if the content isn't of interest to me.

  7. SMBSLT - I think the cover is really important too. Although sometimes I find a blurb doesn't sum up how awesome a book really is.

    Chicklish - Thanks for your input! I'm releasing my new book called "hfkahfifhafkajhf" in June =). I thought unoriginally was a word. Spellcheck lied to me.

    Linda Kage - Thanks for the input. I sometimes stop and look at a book if it's by an author I've heard good things about.

    Jo - I love how key words in titles inspire you. Sometimes words leap out at me but they can range from something as simple as politics to murder. Those word choices don't paint me in a good light, do they?

    Diane - Haha, I love that cliche. It sums me up quite well too.

    Lenore - I find a cover plays a large part for me. I won't buy it if I don't like the content. But I may pick it up if it sounds interesting.