Monday, 5 October 2009

Diane from The Book Resort has tagged me :D

The wonderful Diane at the super-awesome blog "The Book Resort" has tagged me and asked me to list 5 book related items and 5 non-book related items on my desk.

I don't have my own desk, my room is too small have one, but I'm sitting at a table downstairs so I'll use that :D

Book Related:

1. "Selina Penaluna" by Jan Page - I always have to have a book next to me if I'm reviewing it
2. "The Herschel Consortium Student Planner 2009-2010" - I'm switching between doing homework and blogging and this has all my homework in it
3. "Lord of the Flies Programme" - I had to read this book for English last year and my mum and dad took me out to see it performed at the theatre on Saturday night. It was really good. And I loved the guy who played Ralph - Alexander Moschos
4. "OCR Biology AS book" - I have finished my biology homework :D
5. "Tender Morsels" by Margo Lanagan - I am starting this book next and it looks so good that I want to start it as soon as I've finished this post (but I must do my math homework first)

Non-Book Related:

1. Oasis Pen - as in the people with the advert of the giant rubber duck and the great little motto "for people who don't like water"
2. Mobile Phone - it's never usually far from me (except when I lose it)
3. Big Eeyore Mug - I couldn't live without tea!
4. Tigger Glass - I had some orange juice and the glass was an Xmas pressie! And it's a really nice glass.
5. A bowl (empty) - made from wood and something else. It was a present for my mum brought back from Africa by my sister. My sister got me bookends :D

And now I shall tag some other wonderful people:
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And here's a youtube video with a really catchy song (it's a fan video of Harry Potter and I'm addicted to it):


  1. I loved reading this! Hope you enjoy Tender Morsels! And thank you for tagging me - I'm not sure whether I'll have time but I'll try, and I really appreciate it!

  2. Awesome "What's On Your Desk?" post! Thank you for tagging me! I did this a while a go, and things haven't changed much, so I don't think there's much point in doing it again, but cheers for tagging me anyway! :D

  3. I loved the video, and yikes, looks like you have some tough subjects to study.

  4. Chicklish - I'm gald you enjoyed it. If you don't have time, because I know things can get very busy, don't worry about it.

    Jo - Thank you. I think I remember seeing your post before now I think about it :D

    Linda - Im glad you liked the video. The song is so catchy. The subjects are quite hard now but I imagine most AS levels now will be hard.