Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dewey's Read-a-Thon Finished

Okay I've finished Dewey's read-a-thon! Yay! In my tiredness I found it extrememly funny that the day that was picked lasted 25 hours (clocks go back). My mother had told me but I didn't pay much attention. And then I woke up (I set my alarm - if I was going to sleep it was going to be a monitored amount - enough to keep my sanity cos I get cranky) and I woke and looked at the clock. I turned on my laptop to say that I was coming back to read and noticed the time difference. I was so confused and a little freaked... and then it dawned on me. I've never been a morning person.

And whatever genius says you learn more in the mornings really isn't that smart.... because I can barely keep my eyes open in the morning, let alone focus on anything. Although I managed it =D

Out of 25 hours, I read for 17 hours (assuming my math is correct).

And now I want to say a big thank you to those supported me through the read-a-thon (even though I did fall asleep it was my own fault and I don't think it's bad reading time for my first go, I might make it the full 24 hours if the date for April fits my schedule). Oh my God, I've just realised I've been blogging since April. Sorry I'm rambling and I'm not even sleep deprived.

Anywaaaay, thank you to all the cheerleaders/fellow reader-a-thoners and just anyone who left a comment! You were all really supportive. I shall aim to finish the book I'm on over the course of the day (although I'm still only half way - although it's goood) . And I shall get my reviews to you of the books I've read steadily over the next few days - I'm still under contract to blog everyday till Christmas.

I didn't read all that much but I've never been a fast reader. Here is what I read:
Fallen by Lauren Kate - 452 pages
Dancing with Ana by Nicole Barker - 170 pages
Chrysalis The Awakening by M.L. Lacy (still reading) - On page 305

Total pages = 972 pages

Next time, whenever that might be, I shall aim for a thousand pages (which I can achieve if I make it the full 24 hours - I hope).

So I'm going to chill everyone. I'll end by saying:
Well Done to everyone else and Thank You =)

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  1. That's far more hours than I managed to read. You did an awesome job.