Monday, 27 July 2009

Sharing the Blog Love

Hi everyone,
I've discovered a few new great blogs that I love and thought I'd highlight! I love their content and I think you should visit them. You know you want to!

First up is:
Between the Lines
This amazing blog is run by Prodhi who has recently interviewed me for her blog. We met at the Hollow ARC competition where we commented our asses off for the last few hours.

Second of all is:
One Book Away from Heaven
I met Patt at the Hollow ARC competition as well! It's a great social event! Patt runs a superb blog which I know I shall be catching up on! I love the content.

Third and final is:
From the Heart
I may be doing a blogger interview for this blog (I'll email you when I return from work Scarlett). But I also feel that I should mention a fantastic competition that is happening on Scarlett's blog! It's also open to everyone! Head on over and check out Scarlett's superb blog.


  1. Hey I went over to From The Heart and followed and subscribed and took part in the competition.Thanks!!!

  2. Hi from J.Kaye's Blog - love your blog!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me!:D

  4. Sasha - I hope you enjoy the,

    Yvette Kelly - I hope you like the blog"

    Witch Baby - Hi!!

    WordVore Prod - No problem :)