Friday, 3 July 2009

Congratulations to Lisa Mantchev!

This post was originally done the release date of "Eyes Like Stars" and I wanted to congratulate Lisa Mantchev. I can't wait to get this book. I had it as a previous WoW post :)

I made this picture. It's the normal picture, with a blurred background and the words "Released" and "Get Your Copy Now".

I made this in Picnik (a really fun editing site). I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to make this picture, I haven't blogged in so long and had this as a draft. Anyway, a belated congratulations to Lisa Mantchev!


  1. nice job! I heart picnik! I use it for EVERYTHING!!

  2. I use a site like that for challenge buttons and stuff - FotoFlexer.

    I can't wait to read Eyes Like Stars - it sounds brilliant, but I have so much to read before it!

  3. Thanks IHM!
    And Sara L - I want to read Eyes Like Stars too but I have too much to read first too.