Saturday, 13 June 2009

Review: Severed Ties

I am a bit late posting this review. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy from Kevin Krohn so I just want to say a thank you. Severed Ties is written by Kevin Krohn and I reviewed Volume 1 in the series.

"Severed Ties" tells the story of Nyne Harper, a college freshman living with her widowed father. At the tender age of two, she lost her mother tragically in a house fire, believed to have been retaliation against her father for blowing the whistle on a large corporate cover-up. The two have been on the run since, trying to piece together some semblence of a normal life while constantly looking over their shoulders. Now an adult, Nyne is ready to quench her thirst for revenge and protect the only family she has left. The question will be, is she prepared for what her life is about to become? A hip, non-stop thrill-ride, "Severed Ties" is a story of family, friendship, and revenge.

This was a really interesting story to read. I really liked the name Nyne for the main charater. I felt it was a unique name for a unique character. One of the things I love about this book at a glance is the cover, a woman climbing out of the rubble. I just thought it was really intriguing, but on with the story.

The plot for this book was really intriguing. The main character, Nyne, was a murderer, plain and simple. I don't feel I'm giving anything away by telling you this as you would have learned it in the first few pages. The one thing that people may be surprised by is that Nyne is a female killer. It always tends to shock people more. I should point out that Nyne feels that what she does is justified, her father tells her so. Nyne murders so she can be safe and to avenge her mother's death. She feels that to protect her mother's memory she must kill the people who may have taken her away. Nyne's father exposed a company and it is believed that they retaliated by starting a fire, a tragic fire that took away Nyne's mother. Nyne is brainwashed from the age of two to hate these people. It is very unlikely she wouldn't have become a killer.

The story progressed very well and the introduction captures your attention. I was initally wondering what the story was going to be about? Would it just be about the murders? It showed glimpses of past murders but also unfolded nicely. I think the main part of the story is the twist 3/4 of the way through. It seemed to be quite a short story so it isn't as long away as you think. I loved the twist (unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked because whilst I was browsing this book trying to see if I would enjoy it, one blogger had given away the twist in their review). I don't remember who the blogger was so this is just a warning. But back to the twist, had I not read it before, it would have been really shocking.

The characters? Nyne is the main character and it is interesting to hear how she justifies the murders. She is quite a well developed character and it is interesting to hear her thoughts when she reflects on what she has done. I also like that the murders and her "normal" life are usually kept separate. She doesn't kill a guy if he annoys her. I feel that the loneliness Nyne has had since her mother's death was portrayed realistically. I really liked Nyne as a character. Nyne's father on the other hand, I felt he was a brainwasher. I didn't like him at all.

Hookability? I read this through in one sitting. The book was shorter than I expected but the twist meant I couldn't leave. It really was a great twist! The book had quite a lot of action which is something I like but there were also moments where Nyne questions herself which I loved. It was a great balance.

Overall, I recommend this book if you like action and are looking for a great twist. The book is a little short but the second in the series is available. I really enjoyed this book.

Plot - 9/10

Characters - 10/10

Hookability (ability to keep you reading) - 10/10

Total - 29/30

I couldn't really find many faults with this book other than I wanted more of it. It is the type of book I enjoy: a lot of action but with some deep moments too and an amazing twist.


  1. Sounds like something I would love,
    will definitely check this one out.

  2. So Many Books, So Little Time - It was a really enjoyable read. I love action :D

    valerie - I really enjoyed it. I think you can only get it from Amazon because it is sold by a less well-known publisher.

  3. Brilliant review, Kate, you make it sound very intriguing!

  4. Thanks :D
    It was quite intriguing. I enjoyed it :)

  5. Thankyou for the review. I have to read this now. Also, the title reminds me of a Babyshambles lyric with the same words.

  6. You're welcome :)
    I really enjoyed read it :D

  7. This sounds great! I'd never heard of it before, but now I definitely want to read it! Cheers :)

  8. prophecygirl - you're welcome :)
    It is quite an interesting story.

  9. Thanks for the review; it's great. :) And the book sounds really interesting too. I love the cover.

    - Alex

  10. Alex - you're welcome.
    I thought the book sounded interesting when I read the blurb. I love the girl climbing out of the rubble/cave in the cover :)

  11. I am blown away by this review, Kate! Awesome. Will look for this book. Thank you for introducing me to Nyne, Severed Ties & Kevin!

  12. Diane - you're welcome :)
    I think you can probably only order this book online as it is by a small publishing company.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to read and review, Kate!

  14. This looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to read it myself.

  15. You should if you get the chance :)