Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Just a Quick Note to Say...

I should be back to blogging tomorrow night :)

Although I may be absent for a few days before the 18th, that will be all. I have a Physics exam tomorrow morning which is only 45 minutes. My final exam is on the 18th so it's almost over. YAY! 2 more exams until freedom (apart from the day they make us return books, but that won't be long :)).

I have 7 posts planned (one is a tour so it's on a set day). I have managed to catch up on blogs every couple of days. I have missed blogging and have my post days planned :D

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck or who reads my blog,


  1. Good luck with your last exams Kate!

  2. Good luck for the final stretch! Nearly there - and think of all those great books waiting for you. :)

  3. Thank you :D
    It's almost over!

  4. All the best, Kate! Yewww can deww it! :D I can't wait for your reviews! :D

  5. Thank you!
    I have planned my posts because I miss blogging!

  6. aww I don't envy you your physics exam (I avoid the sciences and maths like the plague...)...but I have full confidence in you :D

  7. Hey missy - LOVE your blog, I'm now subscribed so I don't miss another of your reviews - woop, woop!

  8. http://thebookresort.blogspot.com/2009/06/im-enchanting.html

    Wonder, what is waiting for you... lol.

  9. Lexie - Thank you, Physics is my least favourite of all the sciences.

    Lisa Clark - Thanks for becoming a subscriber :) I hope you enjoy the blog.

    The Book Resort - Is it enchanting? Thank you :D

  10. eew exams. I feel your pain- I have exams this week and next week. Sigh. But your physics exam is only 45 minutes? Lucky. My exams are usually like 1 1/2 or 2 hours.

    Best of luck on all your exams and I look forward to your future posts. :)

    - Alex

  11. Alex (a flight of minds) - Thank you, physics is my shortest exam :D
    My longest is textiles which is 2 hours.

    I hope your exams are okay!


  12. Good luck with your final exams! Just think about the really long summer you're going to get when you finish. I'm stuck at college 'til mid-July!

  13. Thank you. I have one exam left now :D
    I can't wait for the long summer! Although, I'll be working. Mid-July is just cruel!

  14. Good luck on your last exam! I hope the others went well!

  15. You have an award over at my blog. (:

  16. Alyce - Thank you :D
    There were a few hard exams but the rest went okay :)

    Liyana - Thanks you, I'm just posting it :D

  17. Good luck! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!

    If you've not read Koontz, as much as I loved Relentless, I loved Life Expectancy even more, and its probably in paperback, so its got to be cheaper than the newest one!

    Thanks again!

  18. Thanks for providing such a great blog :)