Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Apologies... Again

This week I hope to get round to posting the blog awards I have received. I did actually finish this post but blogger refused to save it and my internet explorer closed down so I had to start again. And so I've got half of that post done. This week I've been revising/also going out. I went to a Girls Aloud concert last night which was really good. And Thursday I'm going to see Blood Brothers at the theatre (I've already seen Blood Brothers but my parents haven't and it's amazing). And in the free time, revision. Oh, and I've also been trying to catch up on blogs. I'm going to catch up on blogs in alphabetical order probably. I have six exams next week. No exam on the Wednesday. So that means I have two exams on two days. This week is going to busy. I also have to have my maths tutor Friday, attend TheatreTrain on Saturday and have two dance exams on Sunday. My God that looks like a long paragraph. I may also get round to finishing Triskellion/writing a review.

But to make up for my absence, here are some pictures I think you'll find amusing:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these pictures. I found them all using google images but forgot to link them to their original site.


  1. Good luck with everything, Kate - I feel exhausted just reading that! Glad you're having fun too, though!
    Love the 'backwards b'. :)
    Thanks for that!

  2. I agree with Chicklish, the backwards b was my favorite of the bunch!!

    Good luck with everything as well. Summer is definitely not relaxing for me this time around either. I hope things ease up for you soon =)

  3. Chicklish - Thank you.
    The Book Resort - Thank you :)
    Mishel - Thanks, I'm halfway through the hardest week now. And I get a day to just revise tomorrow.

  4. sometimes those award things can take a looong time to post about! i wouldn't stress over it!

    super funny pics :)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. I am so mortified! LOL! Thank you for pointing that little(yet huge) error out to me. I am going to change it right now! :-D I can't believe I wrote that....
    That Goth pic of hp is so funny-I especially like Rons' look, the lip ring suits him. Though I don't like eyeliner on harry too much:-D
    Good luck with your exams as well!

  6. Amy - thank you :)
    And I liked the error :L
    I can't resist a spoof HP pic =D

  7. The fake Maybelline ad is great!

  8. Loved the pictures, esp the maybelline one, I'm revising as well, 16 exams down 2 more to go (I'll be finished by this Thursday =D ). Is it me or are GCSE exams just LONG! I'm so glad to find another 16 year old, in England so be assured I will be following you (did that sound Edward from Twilight to you (lol) well you know what I mean). Good luck with the exams !
    LV Books =)

  9. Hey babe - HOW did I not have you on my Google Reader? I do not know. But now I have fixed that most egregious oversight!

    My fav is the Maybelline one, too, because RP is /so/ into himself. hee.

  10. Thank you :)
    And I can imagine RP doing a Maybelline advert too =D

  11. I didn't notice LV Books - I was replying to Aerin in the previous comment :D

    LV Books =) - Good luck with all your exams. I had 15 exams including resits so I fear for your brain after 18 exams. GCSE exams are really just long. We have a half term in the middle. I'll either have a week with two exams, or a week with loads of exams. My last exam is two hours (argh - and I can't stand 10 minutes of it). Anothey 16 year old in England? Wicked! As long as you don't watch me while I sleep I'm fine (Edward's usual behaviour :D). Would you not call the police if that happened to you? Anyway, good luck with all your exams!

    Thanks for wishing me luck on mine :)

  12. Hehe. Love the noticing you notice the notice notice.